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Progress: “growth factors”

Rich Fibrin platelets – PRF ® (Choukroun, Schleicher 2000)
The FRP technology (Platelet Rich Fibrin in) can promote bone growth (growth factor) extracted from the Song of the patient himself.

Background: Blood is composed of 99% red blood cells white blood cells 0.2% and 0.6-1% of platelets (thrombocytes) for blood clotting.

Preparation of PRF: A blood sample of the patient from April to August vials of 10 ml (minor amount relative to the total volume) is performed. Centrifuging blood vials used to separate components and recovering a platelet-rich concentrate. A part used for the preparation of a thin membrane approximately 1 mm thick and the other mixed with autogenous bone or alloplastic (synthetic) is used to fill the bone defect. The membrane used to cover the surgical site.
Clinical Uses:
• sinus filling with as appropriate the possibility of immediate implant placement,
• bone gap filling after tooth extraction, the FRP used as a biological plug socket (mining site) and therefore it will stop the bleeding and protect against the bacterial infiltration .it will also accelerate wound healing and stimulate the bone filler.
• soft tissue healing after the installation of the implant.

• Conclusion: Through the work of genetic engineering in the last 10 years, the bone regeneration is faster, in greater quantity and quality and with a safety margin compared to other methods.

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