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Used in the field of orthodontics, Invisalign is an alternative technique to the rings and traditional braces.

This method relies on using a series of clear aligners (aligners) Scalable that align the teeth gradually according to the treatment plan established by the practitioner. This is a way to act on the position of your teeth almost invisibly.



Process Advantage
This process first provides an important aesthetic gain because the aligners are transparent therefore almost invisible. It is similar in that the wearing of invisible braces.
Another advantage is that the patient does not need to consult your dentist every week as when wearing dental braces. Reduced control consultation every 3 to 4 months is sufficient.
Regarding the duration of treatment, it may be shorter than with traditional orthodontic treatment when the patient regularly carries his camera.
Finally Invisalign is just like the rings partially reimbursed by social security up to 16 years. As with conventional equipment, this treatment will not be reimbursed for more than 16 years by Social Security, but most can provide mutual support.


Treatment steps

1. Production of aligners

Using advanced 3D technology, a series of aligners that is of clear aligners will be established and manufactured to perfectly fit your teeth.
Invisalign treatment basis, these items are made of material called “thermoplastic”. They are suitable for medical use and are very durable. They are created customized to perfectly fit your teeth and guarantee optimal results.
Said gutters will be created to measure, according to the initial position of your teeth and the desired final position. They fit perfectly and the treatment to your needs.




2. Installation of clear aligners

Each aligner will bring about 2 weeks before moving on to the next, until the end of treatment when your teeth have regained their alignment.
The aligners will help move your teeth in a controlled manner by applying precise movements. In addition to controlling movement, Invisalign also controls the speed.
In fact, at every stage of processing and each line carried equal displacement of a few teeth only, selected by your orthodontist according to the treatment plan. This will exert forces on the dentition accurately and efficiently to bring it to reach the desired position.


Since when the technology does exist? 
Already in 1945, Dr. HD Kiesling spoke of the fact that in the coming years, technology would produce locators that would move the teeth controlled manner in order to achieve optimal treatment.
It was Align Technology that achieves about fifty years later this revolution in the field of orthodontics producing Invisalign. This technology exists since 2001 and is used around the world.


Process of care
Your orthodontist will first prescribe the manufacturing of your Invisalign treatment plan and the desired movements to correct your smile, so it can make your future aligners.
Once manufactured gutters, you’ll have to wear them for about two weeks by not removing them only to eat, drink and brush your teeth. Gradually, as you progress in the treatment, your teeth will shift gradually until they reach the corrected final position. You will have to go much further apart than control during conventional processing because you do not need to see your dentist to activate the new gutter.


Advantages and disadvantages of this technique

Advantages vis-a-vis a conventional braces:

The benefits of treatment with Invisalign are multiple:

    • The device is almost invisible and therefore provides a superior aesthetic rendering; it will not cause any discomfort in your professional and / or social life.
    • the aligners are removable that is to say, can be removed to eat, drink and maintain good dental hygiene (although it must still apply themselves to carry the minimum 22 hours per day). Thus, unlike metal devices, you can eat and drink what you want during treatment.
    • There is no risk of irritation or injury to your mouth because the aligners are made of thermoplastic unlike metal son composing traditional braces.
    • With 3D technology, you can even before he started treatment, enjoy the planned corrections and results of your mouth.
    • You do not need to visit your dentist regularly; a control consultation every 3 to 4 months is sufficient to ensure proper monitoring of Invisalign treatment. So it’s a real time saver for you because much less constraining.


    • It is necessary to call in a specialist certified in Invisalign laying so that it can perform a medical prescription for your needs. Our dental center of Paris 5 performs this treatment regularly, contact us for more information.
    • The movement can be achieved through plastic gutters is limited. We can not treat all orthodontic problems with this technique; several movements such as the correction of rotations, is difficult. Similarly, the control exercised by the dentist on these movements remains somewhat limited.
    • Treatment requires a certain rigor since the aligners must be worn at least 22 hours a day.
    • The cost of treatment is still relatively high, although it is no more expensive than most conventional orthodontic treatment.


There are some cons-indications to the use of Invisalign in some patients:

    • Some corrections associated with certain movements of the teeth, can not be performed
    • Patients prone to allergies to the material constitution of gutters will also not be treated


Pain associated with gutters shipping
Treatment is not really painful. Of course, the sensitivities of each patient are different but if we compare with similar treatments, the pain is largely bearable.


Duration of treatment
The duration of treatment will obviously depend on the complexity of the correction to be made. In general, the duration of treatment is similar to that required when using rings or braces. This period may even be slightly lower compared to treatment with traditional rings. You will have more information at your first consultation with your practitioner at the center Cosem St. Michel.


Use constraints and dietary restrictions
There are no restrictions related to treatment, especially regarding food. Indeed, the aligners are removable so you can eat and drink what you want once they are removed. It will just maintain good oral hygiene and make sure to wash your teeth every time before repositioning your line.
It is recommended not to chew gum while wearing your gutters as it is likely to stick to them. We advise you to withdraw before each meal and snack.
Finally on cigarettes, it is not recommended to smoke while wearing the equipment, simply because cigarette smoke the risk of staining or discolor.


Maintenance and cleaning of the equipment
is required to maintain its aligners. As though you change about every two weeks, it is still necessary to clean them. The best way for this is to brush and rinse in lukewarm water and use cleaning crystals offered by Invisalign.


Cost and rates commonly practiced
This is when the first medical consultation with your Invisalign certified practitioner that you will have an accurate quote. The price will change depending on the complexity and specifics of your treatment to realign your teeth.
In general, expect a price range of between 3,500 euros and 5,500 euros. Some patients only requiring minor tooth movement may however benefit from lower prices starting from 1,800 euros.


Supports Social Security / Mutual Repayment
Just as for conventional orthodontics, Invisalign is supported in part by the Social Security for patients aged under 16 years.
For patients over 16 years, Invisalign will not be reimbursed by social security but a partial assumption by most mutual is usually possible.


The application of contention after treatment
Wear contention after orthodontic treatment is essential. Indeed restraint helps to stabilize the new position of the teeth and to avoid re-shifting. If you want your teeth stay in the final position achieved after the Invisalign treatment, you will need to wear a compression prescribed by your practitioner.

Often, as a temporary restraining you have your last line, until a longer-term solution is recommended by your doctor.

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