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 Teeth whitening
Teeth whitening

Tooth whitening  in Tunis Dental Clinic

Tooth whitening is used to correct discoloration of the teeth by removing the brown and yellow spots.
This is a non-invasive cosmetic treatment that allows to recover the natural color of teeth lost over time due to the consumption of tea, coffee, wine, tobacco and other food …

For optimal and sustainable results, in Tunis Dental Clinic we offer the bleaching technique combined teeth whitening clinic + whitening at home.

1- dental clinic bleaching:

The teeth whitening LED allows to get a brighter smile, whiter and bright enamel in one 45-minute session in our office in Tunis.
The dentist carefully protects your gums and then applies a whitening gel progressive power whose action is activated by an LED light.
The process is safe and does not alter the structure of the tooth.

This is one of the techniques currently most used in dentistry and cosmetic dentistry.

In Tunis Dental Clinic we use the Opalescence brand Ultradent Laboratories currently considered the best whitening product on the market.

2- tooth whitening at home:

We recommend you to combine the clinical bleaching with whitening teeth at home.
We will prepare “individual molds” called ‘gutters’, adapted to the dentition of your two jaws. You fill them with a whitening gel every night before going to sleep. The treatment lasts about 5 nights.

It is important that bleaching at home is supervised by a dentist to ensure that there are no cons-indications and guarantee the result of bleaching.

About laundering:

Some patients may be more sensitive to cold during treatment. Other complain gums. These symptoms are temporary and disappear soon after the end of treatment.
Before laundering, it is necessary to perform a professional dental cleaning.

Tooth whitening should be carried out before treatment aesthetic restoration, as the aesthetic materials (tooth crown, veneer …) do not whiten by these techniques.
This type of whitening usually offers a good cosmetic result. However, bleaching is not a permanent process. The results can last a year or more, depending on your habits.

Sustainable alternatives to teeth whitening can be dental veneers or cosmetic crowns.

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