the piezosurgery

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 the piezosurgery
the piezosurgery

Principles and Features

The principles of piezoelectric surgery are the same as the scaling in daily use in dental surgeries. The difference lies in the power to make the section of bone tissue, which is about 5 times that of current scalers.

The apparatus is composed of an electric field generating high voltage and high frequency sinusoidal. The inserts are vibrating at ultrasonic speed in a range of 28 to 36 kHz, and cut hard tissue.



The shapes of inserts are varied and allow functions:


Ultrasonic Surgical Device

Features  :
The heart of the device is electronic, it generates high voltage, high frequency and control the power of the inserts.

insert vibrating sawtooth. The amplitude of the vibration is between 60 and 200 .mu.m.
Only the working part has a cutting activity. This means that the tissue affected by the insert is no risk of alteration.

The cutting conditions are adapted to the hardness of the tissue to be cut: bone density more or less high, dentin, enamel, cartilage.

At the ultrasonic cutting, working area is cleaned and vessels are sealed. This explains the low bleeding observed during the work of the ultrasonic insert


The shock waves have the ability to interact with particles in suspension. They clean particles and detonate the membranes of bacteria suspended in the treated site. Hence their sterilizing effect.

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